County Fair


The county fair always marks summer for me. We have taken Patrick every summer and every year he seems to enjoy it more. He talked about riding the Ferris Wheel all day and unfortunately he was a couple inches too short. He didn’t let that stop him from having a blast on the other rides and enjoying the night with his friends and family.


Parker didn’t sleep but for 30 minutes (not surprising) but was in a really good mood despite the heat and lack of sleep. He seemed to enjoy all of the lights and business around him. It was really fun to have our first family trip to the fair with him in tow.

The fair was one of my favorite summer nights so far… sweet treats, good friends, and a lot of fun!

Day Out With Thomas


There is something so magical about little boys and trains! I’ve had a train-loving little boy for a couple years now and I still love watching him marvel at them. In the past three years we’ve gone on a couple different train rides and Patrick has truly loved them all! We went to “A Day Out With Thomas” last year and the family picture of us hangs on the wall by Patrick’s bed. He’s been asking when we would get to ride on Thomas again and the day finally came!

We went with some of our best buddies and made a little day trip out of it. We had the most perfect summer weather, you never know what an Indiana June can bring, and the boys had the greatest time.

Besides the exciting part of riding Thomas the Tank Engine, they also have a lot of fun activities to do too. We basically hit up everything from looking at model trains, jumping in bounce houses, and riding another barrel train. (Marc said it was a riding lawn mower, Patrick said tractor. I have no idea but the boys enjoyed it!)

Afterwards we hit up lunch at the most delicious little BBQ place before making the journey back home. I had been looking forward to Thomas as much as Patrick and it definitely didn’t disappoint!

We Love You, Dad!


I am beyond thankful for an amazing husband who is also a truly outstanding dad! He leads by example and shows our boys how to be loving, kind, and gracious. Our days typically involve explanations of how many more minutes until daddy gets home, because we are all extremely joyous when he walks in from work. Every day is an adventure with dad and I love how Marc is always willing to play with the boys and explore. Nothing makes my heart more full than seeing all my guys enjoying life together, I’m extremely blessed!

Marc – Thank you for all you do and for leading our household so well. We love you!

Introducing, Parker!

The journey for this precious baby boy was one that I won’t quickly forget. It was a long year filled with many ups and downs. Days were filled with tears and prayers I thought were going unanswered. When I found out I was pregnant with Parker I was two months post a D&C, my second miscarriage of the year. I was emotionally and physically drained but excited to see a positive pregnancy test before I was to start fertility treatments. I was hopeful, but guarded.

Things continued to be dicey when I started passing blood clots. I went to the doctor weekly to be monitored. I remember hearing the heartbeat for the first time and being so relieved. It felt like a rock was lifted from my shoulders and I was ecstatic. I had sat in a similar ultrasound room two times within that year and hadn’t heard that sweet, precious sound. The tech was cheerful and printed our pictures while we waited for the doctor. I remember that rock being quickly hurled back at me, right in the gut, as he told me I should be prepared to miscarry….again. The heartbeat was low and the growth wasn’t where it should be. I remember him hugging me as I walked out of the room and he said, “stranger things have happened, we will check back next week.”

Next week the doctor walked in and said, “this kid…this kid is a fighter.” And I regained the confidence I had lost. If this baby was going to put up a fight, so was I. I tried my best to be faithful, although Marc did a much better job of that throughout the pregnancy. He was steady while I was turbulent. So I had days of doubt, and I spent hours worrying when I should have been putting my faith and trust in God. I had people praying for this baby and when I couldn’t find the words to pray, I knew they were saying them for me.

The pregnancy continued smoothly from there. I was still monitored closely but I truly appreciated the doctors looking out for me and Parker.  They helped ease my worries, as did my OB friend who I constantly texted throughout my three pregnancies. (Major friend perk, I wish I had a way to repay you, friend!)

I remember feeling really fortunate when I found out Patrick was going to have a little brother. I knew Patrick was going to be the best big brother and he has exceeded all my expectations. I couldn’t love these boys more.

Parker was born March 20th at 8:06 am via scheduled csection. He was 8lb 15oz and 20.5 inches long. My second csection felt drastically different than my first, but it went so very well and my recovery has also been smooth. I thank God for the amazing doctors and nurses and the wonderful anesthesiologist. I had to switch OBs due to insurance and delivered at a different hospital within a different practice than I did with Patrick. That within itself was a little crazy, but I couldn’t have asked for a better turnout. This whole journey has shown me just how thankful I am for an amazing family, and my friends that are like family. The support and prayers and Diet Cokes on my doorstep just reminded me of how blessed I truly am and how thankful I am that I get to go through life with such wonderful people.

Parker, know that you are so very loved!