Day Out With Thomas


There is something so magical about little boys and trains! I’ve had a train-loving little boy for a couple years now and I still love watching him marvel at them. In the past three years we’ve gone on a couple different train rides and Patrick has truly loved them all! We went to “A Day Out With Thomas” last year and the family picture of us hangs on the wall by Patrick’s bed. He’s been asking when we would get to ride on Thomas again and the day finally came!

We went with some of our best buddies and made a little day trip out of it. We had the most perfect summer weather, you never know what an Indiana June can bring, and the boys had the greatest time.

Besides the exciting part of riding Thomas the Tank Engine, they also have a lot of fun activities to do too. We basically hit up everything from looking at model trains, jumping in bounce houses, and riding another barrel train. (Marc said it was a riding lawn mower, Patrick said tractor. I have no idea but the boys enjoyed it!)

Afterwards we hit up lunch at the most delicious little BBQ place before making the journey back home. I had been looking forward to Thomas as much as Patrick and it definitely didn’t disappoint!

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